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Preserve your precious moments with photographs.  Ideal as holiday gifts for family.  

I am a volunteer photographer for Dancesport events.  All images are available for sale as digital images.  Each file is a high resolution 4 Mpix digital file good for online use and prints up to 8 x 12.  Basic post processing has been applied to each image and is sold as-is.

For your convenience, we also offer prints in a variety of popular sizes.  Order by November 27th to ensure ample time for Christmas arrivals (International Airmail Orders).

Digital images or 8 x 12 prints

      All Galleries except Group                                    $14.97 + GST = $15.72

      Group gallery only                                                  $9.97 + GST = $10.47

4 x 6 prints (all galleries)                                           $7.97 + GST = $8.37

Other print sizes                                                          Prices as marked

Discount on orders over $150                                  Use code DISCOUNT10

Special requests for additional enhancements to the image are available.  For example, removal of simple distracting elements, conversion to black or white, or cropping to custom print sizes (bulk orders), etc.  Enhancements must be received before November 24th to be completed before Christmas.  

Please contact Nicki Chang-Powless at for a personal consultation and quote.

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